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About us

The Philosophy of the School of Economics and Management

Economics - the supply of goods and services with scarce resources. Economic issues concern organisation of work, new accountancy standards, developing countries, international financial markets and business tax, and Economics and Management deals with all of these. It is, in short, the science of scarcity. Not everything that is desirable is affordable and, conversely, not everything that is affordable is desirable. As a result, wise decisions are required. And the sophisticated methods in Economics and Management help people to make wise decisions privately, in business and in politics.

Managers and politicians are faced with new economic challenges every day. The School of Economics and Management makes important contributions to overcoming these challenges through research and teaching. It advises companies, organisations and governments, and provides its students with in-depth academic training. Graduates of the School are versatile problem-solvers who understand their trade.


With its 22 institutes, the School of Economics and Management covers all important areas of business management, economics, statistics and empirical economics. Excellent results in research are therefore an important target for the School and a central basis for high-quality and academically focused teaching.

In terms of research, the School can claim to belong to the 10 best schools for Economics and Management in Germany. Numerous publications that receive great attention nationally and internationally therefore come from academics at the School.

Links between business management and economics are important to the School. The degree programmes of "Economics and Management" therefore cover both disciplines and offer various opportunities for specialisation. Many academics at the School work with formal mathematical methods and can therefore work well with researchers within and outside their own school.

Industry Contacts

Due to its practically-oriented research and many different contacts in businesses and politics, the School is an important factor in the economy of Lower Saxony and its state capital. As a location for banks, industry, tourism, insurance and accountancy firms as well as important international trade fairs, Hannover offers high-quality jobs; conversely, the regional economy is dependent on the School providing it with a constant stream of the best qualified graduates.  Many students even meet their future employer during practical training.

Hannover's employers and managers appreciate the School because they take advantage of its advice, finance positions through third-party funding or take advantage of professorships.  Teaching from practitioners complements the range of courses on offer and is very popular.  Because of this, the School employs several honorary professors as well as several dozen visiting lecturers from industry.