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Gemeinsame Arbeitspapiere

Blaufus, K., Schöndube, J.R. and Wielenberg, S. (2017): The Audit of Deferred Taxes as a Signal for Tax Auditors: Tax Compliance Implications for Private and Public Firms

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Nguyen, B., Prokopczuk, M. and Sibbertsen, P. (2017): The Memory of Stock Return Volatility: Asset Pricing Implications

Nguyen, B., Prokopczuk, M. and Sibbertsen, P. (2017): Long Memory and Stock Returns: A Cross-Sectional Analysis

Publikationen von Mitgliedern zur Thematik Innovation und Lernen

D’Acunto, F., Prokopczuk, M. & Weber, M. (2018): Historical Antisemitism, Ethnic Specialization, and Financial Development, Review of Economic Studies, forthcoming.

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